Saturday, March 23, 2013

Earth Hour

It's Earth Hour here at the Treehouse.

The lights are out, the candles are lit, and everything's turned off except my computer.  But that's running on battery power, so I'm going to count that as Earth Hour-compliant.

I thought that in honour of the day I would share a few pictures from some power-free hours I spent wandering the shores of Lake Erie with a couple of pals.

My friends are GIANTS!

Camping at Rock Point Provincial Park is one of my favourite things to do in the summer.  I usually manage to get there at least two or three times a year.

Ancient lake bed.

When the afternoon wanes, we generally take a slow stroll along the shore toward the sunset.

Kelly Long-Legs.

The light is just incredible, changing constantly but ever so subtly, so that just when you think you know the shore you look around and realize it's completely different again.

Blue Steel.
I like to study the fossils and poke around in the muddy, weedy tidepools that are everywhere.  Or dip my toes in the cool water.  Or just look up at the sky and be quiet for awhile.

So still.

Observing Earth Hour reminds me to treasure hours like these.  Just a couple of pals and a sunset shore and a hundred thousand fossils. 

Or nights like tonight.  Just me, my candlelit Treehouse loft, a pile of soft pillows, the night sky outside the glass doors, and a few minutes alone with my thoughts.

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