Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pointless project time!

Hey kids,

When watching TV, there's nothing I like more than a Pointless Project to occupy my hands so they don't end up in the cookie jar.

Case in point:  The Fake Polaroid.

Yeah, my dad's a babe.  Shaddup about it.

Ages ago I made some nice colour copies of a few of my favourite old family photos.  You know, those classic 70's/early 80's ones that were square with the round edges?  Well, over years of love the edges of said copies got a bit dog-eared.  "Should I go out and make new copies?  Perish the thought!", I thought, and a Pointless Project was born!

Wanna keep YOUR hands out of the cookie jar?  Here's a tute!  All you need are some old photos, a piece of thick-ish white paper, scissors and some glue (actually, Mod Podge is the best).

Grandma was a rolling stone.

Cut your photo into a square shape.  Don't worry about using rulers or anything -- proper proportions are for squares! 


Never mind.

Aaaanyway, once you squares have cut out your squares, you'll want to cut the white paper into a rectangle that's sliiiightly wider than your photo and a good deal taller.  See above.

Once you've done that, get out your glue.  Flip your photo over and slap some glue on there.  

No eating the glue!  Unless you're in kindergarten...

I confess that after this nice tidy photo using a brush to unsuccessfully spread the glue, my fingers got in on the action and there was a .... sticky situation?  Wakka-wakka-wakka!  Whatever.  Just make sure the glue is spread on every bit of the paper so that you don't get flappy edges later.  And then wash your hands, or that photo is going to become a permanent appendage.

Before the glue dries up (but after you wash those hands, young lady!), flip 'er over, carefully line 'er up like a Polaroid (even spaces on the sides and top, bigger space on the bottom) and stick 'er!

This looks disturbingly like grandma's hitching up her skirt to show some leg!

Let it dry for a bit, and then, if you're using Mod Podge like the cool kids, give it a light glaze for that Polaroid shine!

She bought this bike in her 50's, possibly to embarass my dad into quitting racing...

And there you have it, kids!  Once you've found a suitable place to display your photos (locker door, bulletin board, refrigerator or similar), you can do what I did --- cover your hand in Mod Podge and peel it off.  There's no photo of that, as it's disgusting.  But fun!

Happy Pointless Projecting, friends!