Thursday, March 21, 2013

16 purely physical travel memories

The breathlessness of that first early spring dive into the steely blue-grey depths of Lake Erie.

Letting two Thai teens "teach" me Thai dance by essentially snapping my fingers off.

Flying backward down the aisle of the bus during a sudden stop on our way down from Lake Louise.

Learning the strength of an elephant's trunk as he tugs a banana out of my hand. 

Floating on a champagne cloud after an evening at the Moulin Rouge.

The slippery skin of a "bandit" (stingray) who sprung up unexpectedly under my feet in Florida.

Filling my lungs with cold misty mountain air after my triumphant ascent of a 4000m+ pass.

Shaking with anticipation in a darkened Broadway theatre waiting for my beloved Sir Patrick Stewart to take the stage as MacBeth.

Cuddling Funky the baby monkey.

Smoking a lotus seed cigarette with a clairvoyant monk in an overstuffed armchair.

Squeezing the spine of a piranha between my fingers.

Losing my grip on up-versus-down as I tumble in the barrel of a too-big wave in Mexico.

Feeling a baby alpaca wriggle with pleasure in my arms as his toes are tickled.

Floating out of myself somewhere around hour two of chanting with the monks at Wat Don Chan.

The stinging cold and stunning clarity of the water from the Athabasca Glacier.

Kissing by the light of the Southern Cross in the middle of the Andes.

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